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Monitor Your Home or Business From Anywhere

Rio Grande Valley, TX residents need to have peace of mind and be able to rest easy knowing that their home or business is completely protected. And with our remote monitoring solutions like the Alibi Witness app, our clients can monitor their Rio Grande Valley, TX properties from anywhere and from any device that has an internet connection.

Multi-Camera Recording - Select cameras - including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras - to get a more complete picture.

Remote Monitoring - Continuous video recording, storage, and accessibility, anywhere in the world, from your phone or browser.

Continuous recording - Save a month of footage from up to four cameras and browse minute-by-minute using event markers.

Why Choose Us

We know that finding the best Rio Grande Valley, TX security solutions is important. That’s why we take pride in all of the things that help us stand out as the best choice for your needs.

24-month Warranty on Equipment

All of the equipment that we sell and install comes with a total 24-month warranty. If something goes wrong with the equipment, you’ll be able to get a replacement free of charge.

Customized Solutions

Every property is different. That’s why we use a unique, custom approach to every single security system we install. We give you the system that works best for you and your needs.

Affordable and Reliable

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on your security system. We offer security solutions that actually fit into your budget. And you get exactly what we promise — we take pride in our reliability.

24-month Workmanship Guarantee

Not only is your equipment backed up by a warranty, but our workmanship is guaranteed for 24 months as well. You can trust in us with total confidence thanks to our guarantee to you.

Open, Honest Communication

We believe that open communication and transparency are the fundamentals of building a strong reputation. We don’t make any promises we can’t live up to, and we’re always open and upfront with you about everything.

Locally Owned and Operated

We know the Rio Grande Valley, TX area because we live here. We bring a local approach to every job, and we treat all of our clients as if they were our neighbors — because they are.

Our Process

While every security system that we install is unique and custom designed, there are a few basic steps that will be involved in every project.

Start off with a quick call to us. We’ll set up a time when we can meet and talk about your needs, analyze your property, and then give you a few demos of the different products that we have available. This way we can clearly determine just what is needed to help you reach your specific goals.

Once we’re on the same page, we’ll take the time to draw up a blueprint of your security solution. This may include multiple things but the bottom line is that we will carefully create a security solution that works for you, giving you the peace of mind and confidence you need to rest easy at night.

The installation is the next step. We take care of the entire process from start to finish, and set up everything. Once it’s up and running, we take time to give you full training on the hardware and software. We won’t leave the property until you’re confident in the system that you have in place.

Just because we leave the job site doesn’t mean that we stop helping you. We are here and ready to offer one on one support when it’s needed. And our 24-month warranties mean that if a problem arises, you don’t have to hesitate to contact our team of pros for help.

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We know the frustration that can occur when you have to try to deal with multiple companies to get the solutions that you need. That’s why we take pride in being a full-service home security and automation company. From security products and services to IT and computer repair, our team is here and ready to help you with anything. You don’t have to call anyone but us!


“I had a great experience with Texas Security Systems. I was looking to replace an old surveillance system and they did just the job. They provided great customer service and resources to help us remember how to work our surveillance system. Installation was fast and easy! The quality of the cameras is super good... way better than my old system. I would highly recommend them! Very professional!”

—  Ashley

“Had a great experience with this company. Offered me a detailed explanation of what would benefit my home and what would not. Price was great and competitive. I recommend this guy to everyone. Picture quality of the video is awesome.”

—  Jesus

“My family and I had a great experience with Texas Security Systems. Great customer service. He explained with great detail how to work our surveillance system. Installation was great as well! The quality of the cameras is amazing, you can see clearly whether it’s day or night. Highly recommended!”

—  Blanca

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